Acupuncture & Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of injuries, including chronic pain and sports injuries.

Acupuncture can help alleviate chronic pain of athletes such as swimmers

Orthopedic injuries due to strain, sprains, contusions, repetitive motion, sciatica, or whiplash can be treated to reduce or eliminate acute or chronic pain. Acupuncture is currently a standard in the sports world and is used to treat and rehabilitate professional athletes worldwide.

Orthopedic Acupuncture is a technique that involves needling motor points to release tight bands of muscle. These motor points are deep in the tissue and are the areas of highest electrical activity in the muscles. By applying acupuncture to the motor points the muscle is reset. This allows it to relax and to properly heal.

Acupuncture works to speed the healing rate of injuries and reduce pain by increasing local microcirculation and attracting white blood cells to the area, which aid the dispersal of swelling and bruising. Following an acupuncture treatment, a variety of substances are released, including endorphins and neurotransmitters, to reduce pain and promote relaxation.

During her graduate studies, Dr. Foster completed a specialized externship that focused on this style of acupuncture and enjoys treating orthopedic conditions of all kinds in her practice.